Upstander is a Canadian organisation based in the Toronto area that is dedicated and passionate about inspiring action that leads to positive changes. Whether it's a personal goal, a community improvement, a societal change or an environmental cause, switching from being a bystander to an upstander is the key. 

At upstander, our goal is to open minds to new ideas, introduce people to endless possibilities and help them find the spark within themselves; the spark that transforms a bystander into an upstander. 

People "spark" when they discover a passion, something that penetrates to their core and connects with them in such a way that they feel the need to pursue it further.

Rather than Upstander being the voice for specific great causes that require action, our focus is on inspiring people in the hope that they will want to go and find the cause that speaks to them and hopefully be an Upstander for that cause. 

Our society and the world needs Upstanders.

Strength Within

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