To us, an upstander is someone who does anything to make a positive change anywhere. That leaves it pretty wide open and fairly easy to be one, however, we also want to encourage people to be the most upstandery upstander they can possibly be. 

 From a simple daily act of kindness, or a community improvement, all the way up to people dedicating their lives to tackling large social and environmental issues, all are UPSTANDERS. 

What is an Upstander?

One online dictionary defines an Upstander as:-

1. "A person who stands up for something, as contrasted to a bystander who remains inactive"

2. "One of the upright handlebars on a traditional Inuit sled" 

As much as you may like to learn more about the Inuit sled, this website is dedicated and passionate about the first definition.

Inspiration triggers motivation.

Motivation leads to action.

Action creates change.

Change is an inspiration.  

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